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Find Out the Answers to Some Pressing Tanning Safety Questions

Find Out the Answers to Some Pressing Tanning Safety Questions

Sun-bathing is a widely popular beauty regime for both women and men. But besides giving one a beach and sun-kissed skin, sun tanning has several health issues associated with it. We all know how harmful sun tanning is for our skin and overall health. Sun-bathing and UV rays tanning can severely damage the skin including, sun spots, dry and wrinkled skin. Excess exposure to the sun also increases the risk of skin cancer.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t get that natural bronzed look. Automated spray tan booth is so far the best alternative to sun tanning. If you are also considering spray tanning but concerned with skin and health safety, we have answers to all your spray tanning questions.

  1. Is spray tanning safe?

Yes, spray tanning is a safe and effective way to get that sun-kissed glow. Here is why. Unlike UV rays, spray tanning solution doesn’t get absorbed by the skin. The chemical settles on the top layer of the skin, turning it bronze. While traditional tanning methods can leave the skin damaged, causes premature aging, sunburns, and spots, all spray tan gives is flawless glowing skin.

Remember, it’s essential to perform a patch test to see if …

What is Therapeutic Laser Treatment and How It’s Beneficial for Pets?

What is Therapeutic Laser Treatment and How It’s Beneficial for Pets?

Laser therapy is one of the widely used treatments for many ailments and illnesses. The technique of using the laser at an appropriate wavelength has given medical professionals and scientists new ways to treat patients with a wide range of health conditions. But very recently, therapeutic laser treatments are being used in mainstream veterinary medicine. The availability of clinical case studies, medical reports, and researches has proved the effectiveness of laser therapy for treatments like edema, lick granulomas, injuries, wounds, neurological conditions, osteoarthritis, and pain management.

Given how useful laser therapies are for animals, Virginia Beach veterinary clinic and hospitals are incorporating such treatment regimens for their patients.

Before exploring the benefits of laser therapy, let’s understand what it is and how it works.

What is LASER treatment?

LASER or “light amplification by stimulation emission of radiation” is a device that emits radiation of light energy in the form of photons.

Therapeutic lasers are used to control the functions of the cells through a process called photobiomodulation. In this process, the photons emitted from the laser device interact with the cells to stimulate them or inhibit biochemical pathways.

In laser therapy, what the type of tissue that will respond to …

Some Unconventional yet Effective Recreational Therapies for Kids with Special Needs

Some Unconventional yet Effective Recreational Therapies for Kids with Special Needs

In recent years, recreational therapies are becoming mainstream with a lot of people going for it. Unlike traditional therapies or treatments, recreational therapy works towards enhancing a person’s independence and mental functioning through creative means.

Here are a few types of recreational therapies used for special-needs people.

Art therapy: Art therapy is given by mental health care-giver. In this therapy, the professional uses the patient’s creativity to develop motor skills, social skills, communication skills, and self-awareness. The practitioner aims at either improving the patients’ mental functioning or enhancing their personal well-being. The session is either in a group or held privately where their innate visual creativity is used as a medium to develop their emotional and mental skills.

Music therapy: Music Therapy is another unconventional and less known about recreational therapy, like special needs horse therapy. Very often, the treatment is mixed with speech and OT therapy. The goal of this therapy is to develop motor manipulation through the use of music and musical instruments. The practitioner tries to achieve conversational exchanges, eye contact, and visual tracking.

Pet therapy: Pet therapy is gaining popularity as an effective treatment for depression, anxiety, stress, and other such mental disorders. People with …

Why Supplement Ingredient Names Are Confusing

Why Supplement Ingredient Names Are Confusing

Do you find supplement ingredient names confusing? Well, you’re not alone. Why are they so confusing? If you want to know the reason and also discover the right nutraceutical merchant account for your supplement business, just follow the lines below.

Confusion About Supplements & Nutraceutical Merchant Account

Did you know the number of products on the market exceeds 50.000?  What’s more, thousands more are added to them each year. Nearly 3/4 of Americans take this or that kind of supplement.

As for ingredient names, they can really be confusing. Why? This is because manufacturers very often skip the guidelines set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). What these guidelines require is to use the common names of ingredients on the label.

What about tricky problematic ingredients? Well, supplements, unlike drugs, can avoid getting pre-market approval before being sold. So, products with problematic ingredients often remain unnoticed until they appear on the market.

Thus, both consumers and supplement retailers need know which dietary supplement ingredients are considered illegal or are under evaluation.

In fact, the ingredients that consumers should avoid are often found on dietary supplement labels as any of almost 20 different names. In this case, even the …

5 Simple Tricks to Make Face Skin Stay Healthy and Shiny

5 Simple Tricks to Make Face Skin Stay Healthy and Shiny

A study revealed, skin cells 8 times faster to regenerate at night. That is why never underestimate the ritual of cleaning and caring for the skin at night.

What actually happens when we sleep at night? At night we experience hormonal changes that can promote blood circulation to the skin. This makes within 8 hours our skin will be well-nourished. So ideally, in the morning the skin should look brighter plus the temperature of the skin warmer at night so that its ability to fight various causes of skin aging can be more optimal.

But at night, we are also usually more stressed. Especially if we don’t get good quality sleep or stay up all night. This situation will actually make the hormone cortisol, the controlling stress will slow down collagen production for a full 8 hours. When skin cells lack collagen, our face will dry up and say welcome to wrinkles. To eliminate facial wrinkles, you should visit

So, what we need at night is to sleep well and in sufficient time. And to complete our beautiful sleep ritual, take care at night so that when we are enjoying dream flowers, skin cells continue to work to …