5 Simple Tricks to Make Face Skin Stay Healthy and Shiny

A study revealed, skin cells 8 times faster to regenerate at night. That is why never underestimate the ritual of cleaning and caring for the skin at night.

What actually happens when we sleep at night? At night we experience hormonal changes that can promote blood circulation to the skin. This makes within 8 hours our skin will be well-nourished. So ideally, in the morning the skin should look brighter plus the temperature of the skin warmer at night so that its ability to fight various causes of skin aging can be more optimal.

But at night, we are also usually more stressed. Especially if we don’t get good quality sleep or stay up all night. This situation will actually make the hormone cortisol, the controlling stress will slow down collagen production for a full 8 hours. When skin cells lack collagen, our face will dry up and say welcome to wrinkles. To eliminate facial wrinkles, you should visit https://okdermo.com/.

So, what we need at night is to sleep well and in sufficient time. And to complete our beautiful sleep ritual, take care at night so that when we are enjoying dream flowers, skin cells continue to work to optimize appearance.

  1. Always clean your face before going to bed

Cleaning your face will make the skin get 2 important things. First, lift up the rest of the makeup and dust that sticks to your face all day long. Secondly, a clean face will make the night cream that we use to work more optimally. This means that various ingredients formulated to fight the aging process will work into the skin cells.

  1. Choose an anti-aging cream that is equipped with superior ingredients

What are the main conditions of anti-aging cream that we will use? Choose which retinol is in it. This is vitamin A, which the skin converts into a material that keeps skin cells from regenerating. Why use it at night? Because actually sun exposure will reduce the effect of retinoids. Remember, don’t use retinol for too long because it can irritate the skin. A dermatologist will usually suggest we use it for 4-8 weeks. You can find the best Retin-A cream at https://okdermo.com/product/pure-retinol-retin-a-cream-0-05-20g/.

  1. Remove dark circles with vitamin K cream

A study conducted in 2003 proved, respondents who used under-eye creams that contain vitamin K and retinol every night for 12 weeks, managed to reduce the black circumference of the eye by 33 percent. Vitamin K is also like vitamin A which is sensitive to sunlight. That’s why eye creams are mostly used at night.

  1. Use the best moisturizer

Because at night our skin cells tend to have warmer and less fluid temperatures, so the hydration of the skin is a natural situation at night. That’s why we are recommended to apply moisturizer at night. Choose moisturizers that contain hyaluronic acid that can bind water longer. And in the morning, notice the changes that occur on the skin. The face will become more supply because we have saved it from the risk of dry and wrinkled skin.

  1. Pay attention to sleep position

Apparently, there are certain sleeping positions that can make our facial skin wrinkle faster.

We are advised to do the following sleeping position:

  • Sleep in a supine position. This is better than prone or sideways. Sleeping on your stomach or sideways every day will form wrinkles on the face and eyes. It can even cause permanent lines on the skin. But if we already have a sleeping or prone sleeping position, watch with a pillow with satin material. A smooth texture will save us from the risk of facial wrinkles.
  • Try to position your head higher than the heart. So, when you wake up, your eyes don’t look swollen. Because fluid does not accumulate around the face.
  • Don’t drink or eat caffeine like coffee and chocolate, 3-5 hours before going to bed. Also, limit alcohol consumption at night. This will help us sleep better. And don’t turn on the television when you want to sleep, because the light of the television can make the eyes feel awake.