Why Public Education Benefits Everybody

There are probably not many people who would dispute the fact that a good education is a positive thing for the person being educated.

It almost goes without saying that an education is a positive benefit.

Indeed, quality education is a right, but not necessarily a right that is afforded to everyone, and we would all do well to remember that.

Even in many western societies, education levels continue to fall below standards that are considered acceptable and the deleterious effects of this are noticed in society.

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Health Benefits

Studies have shown that across 15 OECD (Organisation For Economic Co-operation And Development), a 30 year old male who completes upper secondary education can expect, on average, to live another 8 years over one who has not.

Statistics like this are eyebrow raising.

The reasons for the difference in lifespan are many. Better education leads to better job prospects, and those in better jobs are better equipped to make their way in life in many ways.

Living comfortably also reduces stress, and combines with education to help the wonder make better life choices.

All these combine to improve the health and wellbeing of the student in ways that go far beyond the years of schooling.

Indeed, good schooling is a lifelong benefit.

Healthier Society

When a society is healthier, the toll on the health service is less as well.

Many will argue that an increase in lifespan will necessarily lead to an ageing population and thus stress on social security structures.

The counter argument is though that a more highly educated workforce can improve working conditions and wages thus increasing the wealth of the society.

Additionally, better educated and wealthier citizens are more than likely to save better for their retirement than those who may rely solely on social support.

Voting And Integration

Higher levels of education leads to higher voting rates which is universally considered a good thing.

In fact, higher education leads to increased levels of integration within society.

Poverty and lack of education is always plagued by poor voter turnout and a disinterest in society, often through a belief that change cannot be made.

This is because essentially poor education leads to a feeling of helplessness amongst the afflicted.

Immediate Benefits

The benefits of educating society are immediate. Results can be seen within years. It doesn’t tae generations for these benefits to become apparent, and as such improving education in our schools and throughout life should be a priority for us all.