Find Out the Answers to Some Pressing Tanning Safety Questions

Sun-bathing is a widely popular beauty regime for both women and men. But besides giving one a beach and sun-kissed skin, sun tanning has several health issues associated with it. We all know how harmful sun tanning is for our skin and overall health. Sun-bathing and UV rays tanning can severely damage the skin including, sun spots, dry and wrinkled skin. Excess exposure to the sun also increases the risk of skin cancer.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t get that natural bronzed look. Automated spray tan booth is so far the best alternative to sun tanning. If you are also considering spray tanning but concerned with skin and health safety, we have answers to all your spray tanning questions.

  1. Is spray tanning safe?

Yes, spray tanning is a safe and effective way to get that sun-kissed glow. Here is why. Unlike UV rays, spray tanning solution doesn’t get absorbed by the skin. The chemical settles on the top layer of the skin, turning it bronze. While traditional tanning methods can leave the skin damaged, causes premature aging, sunburns, and spots, all spray tan gives is flawless glowing skin.

Remember, it’s essential to perform a patch test to see if the chemical present in the spray tan doesn’t cause skin allergy.

  1. If I Spray Tan, Can I Skip Sunscreen?

Most believe that once you start using spray tanning, there is no need to use UV protection products. This is not true. It’s always advised to use sunscreen and be dressed appropriately when going to spray tan beds near me.

Whether you are going for spray tanning or sun-bathing, you should adopt a proper sun protection regimen. This should include daily use of sun protection products with 15 and higher SPF, covering of body with cloths, using a broad-brimmed cap, and UV rays blocking eye wears.

  1. Can I Get A Quality Sunless Tan At Home?

The best part about modern tanning techniques is that it can be done at home. With sunless tanning products and procedures, one can achieve a flawless tanned look at home. There are plenty of self-tanning products like sprays, lotions, and wipes that are easy to apply and maintain. Although, it’s advised to seek professional automated spray tan booth service if you are having a big event or party. Moreover, one should be careful when self-tanning at home.

Many tanning experts suggest exfoliating the skin thoroughly before using self-tanning products. This will ensure that areas with thickened skin like knees, elbows, ankles, and wrists get evenly covered.

To avoid the bronzing of palms, wash your hands immediately after applying the product.

  1. How Many Sessions Should I Have for a Base Tan?

The number of sessions that you may require to achieve that perfect tan depends upon the type of tanning machine you’re using and your skin type. While some devices have a maximum session time of 10-15 minutes, other devices may take longer to give the perfect tan. Likewise, those with a darker complexion require less time to tan.