6 Reasons Women Faking Orgasm

No one wants to disappoint his partner during sex, including women. All will make any effort so that the couple is not disappointed, including faking orgasms. Behind that effort, it is stored the reason women fake orgasms. What are the reasons?

1.    Pleasing a partner

Women trying to give their partners a feeling of pleasure by saying that he had reached a climax. According to the male health adviser, Debby Hebbenick PhD, female orgasm can make a man feel great, because when a woman reaches a climax, he considers having sex well. Therefore, a woman will pretend to climax if she feels her partner needs that feeling of pride.

2.    Not enjoying love

According to sex researcher, Monika Stelzl Ph.D, women cannot immediately say “I can’t enjoy” their partners during sex. Women assume that words will hurt, so he chooses to fake orgasms. So that you can enjoy sex to the full, ask your husband to buy Viagra so you can feel the erection of your husband that will last a long time.

3.    Maintain communication

Maintaining communication with your partner especially about emotions, is an important part of a woman’s life. So sometimes women fake orgasms so that relationships with their partners are maintained. This is also a part of appreciation or love for a partner. By faking orgasms, women consider making their partners feel better.

4.    Increase passion

Not all the reasons for women faking bad orgasms. Maybe he wants more varied sex and tries to increase the passion of relationships. By showing an orgasmic face or voices when she reaches the climax she tries to make sex more passionate.

5.    Feeling uncomfortable

Not all women feel comfortable, to be honest about orgasm. Therefore, before starting sex, ask the woman about the experience of orgasm and what she wants during sex.

6.    To control

Not a common thing, if men try to dominate during sex. They try to control women in style and various ways. The situation was also considered to trigger women to turn things around. He tried to control men when dealing with faking orgasms.